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Who is CDVI Group (status, sector, structure, history)?

A French SME with international influence, a manufacturer of solutions for access control and locking systems since 1985, CDVI Group maintains market leadership, innovation and cutting-edge design under the guidance of founder and CEO David Benhammou.
Since its creation, the company has showed continued growth, and currently employs 250 international employees, a dozen sales offices worldwide and generates more than forty million euros in turnover.

Where is the registered office of CDVI Group located?

31, Avenue du Général Leclerc, 93691 PANTIN cedex FRANCE.

What is the approach of CDVI Group towards a lasting environment?

All CDVI products are subjected to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards, according to the European directive. The objective of this directive is to limit the use of hazardous substances.
Since 1st July 2010, CDVI Group has been joined to Recylum ( via the subsidiary DEEE Pro. All its products are recycled according to established standards and directives.

What are the innovation and R&D policies of CDVI Group?

An integrated Research & Development Service, being 20% of the group´s investments, allows innovation and suggests complete solutions in cutting edge technology.

What is the strategy for CDVI Group and its future prospects?

The Group´s strategy relies on 3 major factors:
- Internal abilities and expertise (R&D, production, marketing)
- makes, ranges and products with high name recognition and quality
- client proximity (France & International networks).
The Group prospects: to always be at the cutting edge of technologies, to innovate and suggest complete solutions and be competitive within the market.

What type of products does CDVI Group manufacture?

Access control on-line and stand alone, biometric readers, Digicode® keypads, Vigik®, telephone entry systems, automated doors, radio & infra-red systems, locking devices, power supplies, fire system components and accessories.

What is access control?

Access control is a computer system which consists of associating right of access to goods or people at a given site, completely safe and by authorisation (password, card, key, biometry....). Access control can be logical (computer system, operating system or a specific application) and / or physical (building, premises).

What are the flagship makes of CDVI Group?

Terena®, Digiway®, Digicode®, Vigik®, Centaur®, Diax®, Bergdata®, Erone®.

What is the approach of CDVI Group towards standards & certification?

All CDVI Group products respond to European & International standards & certification:

• CE Certification,
• R&TTE Certification,
• IP Code (International Protection Rating) - (International Standard IEC 60529),
• Environmental test methods - salt spray (standard EN 50130-5),
• Certification FCC (Federal Communications Commission) CFR 47 part 15 compliance,
• Environmental test methods - temperature (standard EN 50130-5),
• Environmental test methods - vibrations (standard EN 50130-5),
• Accessibility standards, certification UL,
• Certification DEEE (WEEE) & RDS (RoHS).

How to find technical documentation?

At your nearest distributor or directly on CDVI Extranet.
Through a simple order, your codes and password are sent to you by email in all confidentiality. This way you will have access to the entire set of technical documentations.